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April 28 - May 7

Flow Studios, Camperdown

Stemming from a desire to see change for the better in the Australian theatre industry, Much Ado About Nothing creates professional-level opportunities for emerging creatives who are striving to better the environment through their artistic practice.


Emerging Creatives

Theatre has been among the industries hardest hit by COVID, and many opportunities that once existed for those new to the theatre industry do not exist anymore. It is impossible for early-career theatre artists to get a foot in the door or find opportunities right now. 

If we do not nurture our emerging artists, providing opportunities for expression and advancement, we will lose a generation of creatives. This project is about providing these opportunities, and future-proofing theatre for years to come.

Theatre and Sustainability

The contradiction between theatre and a desire to be more environmentally sustainable is a hard one to navigate. Between costumes and set pieces that are discarded after a show, lights that use more electricity in a night than you might in a month, and pages upon pages of printed scripts and paperwork, most traditional theatre practices are not green. This production strives to demonstrate that it is possible to radically limit emissions and still produce a work of great artistic merit, and in doing so lead by example for sustainable Australian theatre. 

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Sustainability in Practice

In order to achieve this goal, Much Ado About Nothing is following sustainability guidelines set out in the Theatre Green Book. More specifically, this looks like


  1. 90% of materials used in our production have had a previous life.

  2. All other materials are sourced sustainably.

  3. Damaging/toxic materials are avoided.

  4. Mileage associated with production is tracked.

  5. 80% of materials are reused/recycled post-show.


Much Ado About Nothing recognises that if we want theatre to last into the future, we must incorporate environmental sustainability into our artistic practice.

Image by Annie Spratt


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